MHz Solutionz, Inc. is proud to introduce the most advanced Retail Point of Sale and Management System for the small to mid-sized operators available today. MHz knows what a Retail operator requires today, while continually developing for the changing needs of the future.

Infinity Retail Management System is a powerful, flexible platform enabling integration with popular accounting packages, merchandising systems and other customized applications.

As technologies have evolved in recent years, market expectations of what a retail point of sales system should deliver has escalated. Today’s retail operators and IT managers want a single platform, scalable POS system at an affordable price. Retailers are interested in a robust POS database structure and a foundation that enables them to include their unique business requirements. Retail Management has never been easier than with the Infinity Retail Management System.


Infinity Technology


Ask other vendors whether they have a genuine Relational Database Management System at their POS and the answer will be “No.” Infinity is the POS software solution that uses a genuine relational database—Microsoft’s SQL Server 2000 Database Engine.


You’ll be glad to know that you can interrogate your data anyway you want using Microsoft’s On-Line Analytical Processing tools. Whether you want to keep a month, a year or a decade’s worth of sales, Infinity can be used to build a complete data warehouse for on-line analytical processing.

The Linker®

Infinity has a patented Linker® technology, which allows for a genuine distributed database set-up. Imagine your marketing department wants to know what effect your latest promotion is having on sales. With Infinity, they can receive this information on the fly! Infinity’s Linker® technology can be configured for minimal latency ensuring that the POS can be seamlessly updated with the latest Head Office configurations within seconds. What’s more, sales made at the POS can be viewed at the HO as they happen.


Infinity Features

Here are just some of the comprehensive POS features Infinity has to offer:

· Advanced Product & Customer search facilities
· Configurable Touch Screen, Standard PC, Programmable Keyboard and NCR Dynakey modes.
· Hold Transactions or Suspension and Recall.
· Lay A Way transactions
· Accounts Receivable
· Loyalty Sales
· Multi-Level permission based security
· Serial Number tracking and redemption
· Gift Card tracking and redemption
· Refunds
· Alternate transaction
· In store Cash Management and Banking
· Special Orders
· Individual Product or Product Group Discounts
· Case Discounts for Wine and Liquor
· Kits & Gift Baskets
· Quantity Discounts
· Mix-N-Match Discounts
· Extended Mix-N-Match Discounts
· Special Price Mix-N-Match Discounts
· Discounts by Time
· Customer Specific Discounts
· Full Terminal Redundancy
· ERP Integration to SAP, JD Edwards, or your choice.
· Headquarters– Home Office Package
· Stock Lookup at other stores
· Full Data Redundancy at all POS Terminals

Infinity POS

Transaction Types

· Cash
· Check
· Lay A Way
· Gift Card
· No Sale
· Credit Card/Debit—Via Mercury Payment
· Systems or PC Charge
· Quotations

Customer Handling

· Enter Customer Data at POS
· Customer Search
· Credit Status At POS
· Customer Order Search
· Customer Lay A Way
· infinity backoffice
· Inventory
· Unlimited Departments, sub-departments and classes
· 42 character descriptions
· Serial Number Handling
· Multi-Store On-Hand quantity lookups
· Real-Time inventory levels
· Automatic PO Creation
· Accounts Payable
· On Account Transactions
· Auto Customer Discounts
· Credit Limits
· Accounts Receivables
· Loyalty
· Gift Card balances


Infinity Head Office

Consolidated Reporting

Infinity bundles numerous reports that enable you to import and export data into a variety of program formats. 
In additon, Infinity is a genuine Microsoft RDBMS product, so you can use your favorite report writer with it to deliver a completely customized report experience. If you’re using crystal reports, Access, Excel or just plain ANSI SQL, then Infinity is made for you.

Branch Specific Items and Pricing

Infinity will hold all items at all stores, some items at specific stores, or individual items at individual stores. It also supports separate pricing, different Federal, State & Local tax codes, and store specific costs. So a regular store one side of an airport and another in the duty free area, can be alternated with the flick of a keystroke.

Global POS Configuration

Infinity provides you with a consistent tailored appearance throughout all stores—all from one Head Office module. You can set up a new customer, new item or, new price.

ERP & Accounting Integration

Whether you are using SAP, JD Edwards or you favorite—Infinity integrates with all major ERP brands. With Infinity’s integrated import/export module you can get data to/from most of the worlds top accounting packages—QuickBooks, Profit Sage Products—they’re all there. You can also use SQL Server 2000’s Data Transformation Service to get exactly the format you want for your solution.


Using our highly configurable special pricing module, Infinity can cater to almost any promotion including loyalty programs, mix n match, 3 for 2, buy one get one free, and seasonal sales. And Infinity manages centrally—just configure it once at Head Office and the Infinity Linker® will spread the word!


Infinity boasts a seamless inventory solution covering ordering, receiving, inventory adjustments, stock transfer. And because Infinity’s inventory management is branch related, stores know exactly who has what stock where at the touch of a button.

Ask the other POS software companies to take the MHz Challenge…

In the middle of a transaction with items scanned in to the POS ask them to unplug the power from the computer or POS terminal.

Biztracker Infinity will re-boot back into the middle of the transaction without losing any data. See what they do…

Ask them to unplug the network connection and keep scanning items.

Biztracker Infinity will keep on scanning without the clerk even knowing the network is down, once the network connection is re-established the data will synchronize without any operator help.